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SimpleFX Support Overview

The SimpleFX FAQ

The SimpleFX FAQ contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions, which might be interesting for you to study. Go to the SimpleFX FAQ and learn about what other users have already asked.

The SimpleFX Community page

The SimpleFX Community page is hosted by the Google Commutity Pages. It gives you a platform and a forum in which you can communicate and discuss with other SimpleFX users. You can ask questions, write comments and benefit from what other users have been learning. Of course, you can also write feedback and suggestions to the SANDEC team. The SANDEC team is continously monitoring the page and attending discussions taking place. Therefore, through this page you have an excellent opportunity to directly communicate with the brains behind SimpleFX. Just go to the SimpleFX Community and start communicating with other SimpleFX users and people from the SANDEC team.