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Release 2.1.2

  • We have added the SimpleFX API to our Docs menu on our website. This describes
    properties and methods which we have added in order to empower the standard JavaFX API. This
    was the initial effort of a larger undertaking, which is to make all the current SimpleFX
    empowerments available to you. Today's SimpleFX contains lots of features, properties, methods
    and classes which you cannot use, simply because they lack public documentation. To eliminate
    that, will have the highest priority in our upcoming releases.
  • We have created a plugin for SBT. SBT is the build tool used for SimpleFX-Projects.
    It simplifies the configuration of SimpleFX-Projects.
    This plugin will make it simpler for us to add new features to SimpleFX.
    Current users should update their build definition, read this commit.
    New Users will be up to date when they download the sample projects, and do not need to do anything.
  • Removed the dependency scala xml.
  • Added some new Samples to the SamplesĀ­Page
  • Improved performance in the way we dereference weakReferences in SimpleFX; automatic cleanups are now more efficient.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Release 2.1.1

  • The Artifacts are now also published at bintray.
  • Added new syntax for declaring events: val myEvent = Event[Type]().
  • Added the property autoShow to SimpleFXApp.
  • Adapted the behavior of dragDistance and mousePosition to work better in combination with Scale and other transformations.
  • Added a workaround for a bug in JavaFX, which can cause the css-file to be not applied.
  • Added the class SimpleFXGroup.
  • Fixed a bug with the inverse matrices.
  • Fixed a bug in everyFrame(counter).

Release 2.1.0

  • This and subsequent versions work without a License!

New Features (look into our updated SimpleFX-Tutorial for more details!)

  • Added the -->* operator, which triggers execution at changes, only. At declaration time, no trigger.
  • Added <*> simpler operator for constructing Virtual Bindables.
  • The JavaFX-class Property[Runnable] is now wrapped as an Event.
  • Added parallel(expr) --> {result => body} to simplefx.experimental.
  • Added the <> operator, which can be used for Bindable-declarations. Is executed when the bindable is initialized.
  • Added at(time) --> { body }, for timed triggering.
  • Added nextFrame(step) --> { body }, for frame-based triggering (step is optional).
  • Added everyFrame(step) --> { body }, for per-frame-triggering (step is optional).
  • Added every(duration) --> { body }, for triggering in intervals.
  • Added inFX { body } for injecting code into the JavaFX-Application-Thread.
  • Added otherwise for when statements.
  • Added the properties xy and wh to Stage


  • Updated Scala from 2.11.5 to 2.11.6
  • Updated SBT to 0.13.8
  • Added warning for some "bad patterns"
  • Reworked the "Browser-Sample" and added it to the project SimpleFX-Samples
  • Deprecated the syntax @Bind var a = :=(value), the following should be used instead: @Bind var a = value
  • Several general improvements ...

Release 2.0.0